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SPRING SALE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands
SPRING SALE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands


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  • What Are Prefab Outdoor Kitchens?

    What Are Prefab Outdoor Kitchens?

    Prefab — short for “prefabricated” —  outdoor kitchens are kitchens that are made offsite, shipped to your home, and installed. They are generally less costly than outdoor kitchens that are built onsite. However, there is some overlap: an elaborate, high-end...

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  • What Are Modular Outdoor Kitchens?

    What Are Modular Outdoor Kitchens?

    If you’ve decided you want an outdoor kitchen, you might have already discovered that you have plenty of options for design and installation. Traditional outdoor kitchens are built from scratch — which means that unless you have a background in...

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  • Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Kits

    Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Kits

    When it comes to entertaining, your kitchen plays a central role — and during the warmer months, there’s no better way to elevate your gatherings than with an outdoor kitchen. But unless you’re a contractor, planning materials, layout, and appliances...

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  • Best Premade Outdoor Kitchens

    Best Premade Outdoor Kitchens

    Buying a premade outdoor kitchen is a cost-effective choice. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with a cookie-cutter kitchen. Some manufacturers strive to create the cheapest possible prefab sets, but all too often, these kitchens start to wear down...

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  • Popular Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    Popular Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    There’s nothing better than shaking off the gray days of winter and emerging into the spring sunshine, ready to enjoy the outdoors — except maybe sharing this joyous feeling with family and friends at your first backyard BBQ of the...

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  • Outdoor Kitchen DIY Options

    Outdoor Kitchen DIY Options

    If you’re a crafty sort who loves to dig into meaty home improvement projects, there are plenty of ways to save money while increasing the appeal and value of your property. While you might not be keen to take on...

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  • Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    Eating may be a necessity for survival, but food preparation is often an act of love, whether you’re creating favorite dishes for family and friends or maintaining your own health and wellness. Connections are made over bowls of ramen and...

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  • Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs of 2024

    Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs of 2024

    In design, there’s form — and there’s function. When it comes to creating a kitchen space, you need basics like cooking and food prep surfaces, a sink, a fridge, and storage. Outdoor kitchens also require materials designed to withstand the...

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  • Designing a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

    Designing a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

    Have you ever wished you could combine the joy of cooking with the experience of being outdoors on a beautiful day? Why enjoy only alfresco dining when you can cook outdoors, too? With an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare incredible...

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