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SUMMER SIZZLE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands
SUMMER SIZZLE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands
KoKoMo Grills & Outdoor Kitchen Setup

KoKoMo Grills & Outdoor Kitchen Setup

Planning your outdoor kitchen starts with selecting the size and configuration of your island. It’s important to make sure you have space for all the features and appliances you’ll need to make the most of your entertaining space. 

Once you’ve selected a Stono Outdoor Living island for your design, it’s time to choose the perfect appliances to complement your setup. 

KoKoMo Grills has everything you need to make your backyard BBQs a success, thanks to thoughtful, high-quality designs and construction that deliver the features and outcomes you’re looking for. Here are some KoKoMo Grills products you’ll want to consider for your outdoor kitchen project. 

Built-In Grills 

The grill is the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen, and you want to choose one that meets your needs. KoKoMo Grills offers sizes ranging from 26” to 40” with options for three, four, or five burners, depending on how much you like to entertain. 

Heavy, stainless steel construction stands up to the elements and offers the durability you expect, while features like illuminated control knobs and interior lights ensure easy function, even at night. 

Extras like a rotisserie back burner, a stainless steel warming rack, and a hood-mounted temperature gauge provide the function you need to elevate every backyard gathering. 


Griddles make a great addition to any outdoor kitchen configuration. While steaks and burgers are searing on the grill, you can add seafood, veggies, and even fried eggs to the griddle to round out your BBQ spread. 

KoKoMo Grills supplies griddles ranging from 22” to 30”, providing the extra cooking surface you need when you’re hosting large gatherings of family and friends. 

Crafted for durability and corrosion resistance, these versatile cooking surfaces are stylish and functional, with intuitive controls that allow for precision cooking. Stainless steel lids are ideal for even cooking and protection against outdoor weather conditions. 

You may also want to add side burners for anything that needs to be boiled or cooked in a pot or pan. 

Portable Grills 

Making the best use of your outdoor entertaining space means choosing the kitchen appliances that best meet your needs. A built-in grill is a great choice whether you frequently cook for your family or host large groups of friends. 

A portable grill offers distinct advantages, mainly that it’s more cost-effective and versatile. Maybe you want to roast marshmallows for smores while you stargaze from your lawn. You might want the family seated around a table to cook a Korean-style BBQ. 

A lightweight, portable grill offers the versatile usage you crave and serves as a wonderful complement to your built-in grill. 

Pizza Ovens 

If you’re looking for a fun option for weeknight dining that lets the whole family get in on the action or you’re tired of ordering a stack of pizzas for summer parties, you should consider the benefits of adding a KoKoMo Grills pizza oven to your list of appliances. 

Dual fuel products mean you can cook with gas or wood, depending on your preferences for taste, crust style, and ease of use. 

Stainless steel construction offers longevity for outdoor use, and the 32” interior is ideal for pies ranging from personal to family sizes. Pizza oven bricks maintain a steady temperature for uniform cooking, and everyone can customize pies to enjoy the toppings they love. 

Built-In Refrigerators 

No kitchen is complete without a refrigerator to store meats, produce, condiments, and beverages until you’re ready to start grilling. While you could keep these items in an indoor fridge, it’s a lot less hassle to have them close at hand when you’re ready to cook instead of making unnecessary trips back and forth to the indoor kitchen. 

A 4.6-cubic-foot stainless steel outdoor fridge from KoKoMo Grills is the perfect complement to your grilling layout. Compact and resilient, this appliance offers the cooling temperature controls you need to keep veggies crisp and drinks chilly. 

In-door beverage storage solutions are a plus for organized entertaining, and adjustable storage racks allow for customization. 

Sinks and Beverage Centers 

When you think of an outdoor kitchen, grilling is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is only one facet of thoughtful entertaining. Your family and friends need cool beverages, and you may want easy access to water while cooking or cleaning. 

The sink is an essential part of the kitchen triangle, along with the cooktop and fridge, and you can choose from KoKoMo Grills options ranging from a 15”x15” unit that won’t take up much space to a 30” beverage center that features an ice bin cooler and enough space to wash a load of dishes. 

If you’d rather use fridge space for food, consider a drop-in ice chest. With an upper access hatch, you can drop this cooler into your countertop for a streamlined appearance, then fill it with ice and beverages, offering easy access to guests. 

Doors and Drawers 

You might not think you need much storage for your outdoor kitchen. Once you consider the convenience of having a full set of pots, pans, utensils, and dishware on hand for easy outdoor entertaining, you’ll see why adding cabinets and drawers is vital. 

KoKoMo Grills offers a range of stainless steel options, including frames with 1-2 doors, single or multiple drawer configurations that are fully enclosed, and combination doors and drawers. Self-closing, easy rollout drawers with ball-bearing glides offer the functional appeal modern homeowners expect. 


Adding convenience to your outdoor kitchen design is easy with accessories from KoKoMo Grills. Start with a combination trash chute and cutting board to make food prep and cleanup easy. Add an enclosed paper towel holder to keep paper products clean and dry. 

A rotisserie kit is a great way to add versatility to cooking, and grill covers help keep appliances clean between uses. No drink station is complete without a combination bottle opener and cap catcher to bust open sodas and craft brews while policing the caps. 

Which Products Are Right for My Project? 

KoKoMo Grills offers a wide range of products ideal for installing with your Stono Outdoor Living island to complete your kitchen setup. 

Whether you simply want the ideal kitchen triangle pieces, you know you’ll need plenty of storage, or you want all the appliances to make outdoor cooking a dream, you can find the perfect products to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. The best way to decide which products are right for you is to think about their intended use. 

Entertaining for Large Groups 

Are you a social butterfly that acts as the lynchpin for extended family and friends? The KoKoMo Grills Professional 4 Burner 32” Built-In BBQ is just what you need to keep burgers, hot dogs, and grilled corn coming. Heat zone separators provide individual, temperature-controlled cooking zones so you can get everyone’s order just right. 

Cooking for Smaller Gatherings 

If cooking for large groups is too stressful and you prefer to grill just for close family or your ride-or-die besties, you probably don’t need the biggest grill. A built-in 3 burner model may better suit your needs, with enough cooking surface to keep a handful of your favorite people fed. 

Exploring Your Love of Smoked Meats 

You might not be keen to install a smoker in your interior kitchen, but an outdoor island is the perfect place to include one. 

To make perfectly smoked meats every time, try adding a KoKoMo Grills Smoker Box Insert to up the ante on flavor. Just add wood pellets or chips of your choice and pop the box in your smoker. You can also use it in a regular grill if you don’t have a smoker. 

A Perfectly Seared Steak Every Time 

Anyone who loves a perfectly seared steak knows it is an art form. It takes just the right amount of heat to scorch the outside to a crispy crust while preserving the juices and warming the core. The KoKoMo Grills Infrared Sear Zone Burner replaces a standard burner in your grill and supplies the heat for searing success. 

Family Pizza Night 

Are you struggling to get your kids into cooking? Maybe you’re tired of waiting 20 minutes for pizza to cook in the oven, or you just want a tasty reason to socialize with the family. 

The KoKoMo Grills Dual Fuel Gas or Wood Fired Stainless Steel Pizza Oven will get everyone out on the patio, throwing dough, slinging sauce, and customizing toppings. 

Cool Beverages on Demand 

It’s debatable whether warm beer or soda is drinkable. It’s definitely not as tasty as a chilled beverage. When summertime entertaining demands that you have a lot of cold drinks at the ready, a drop-in ice chest that offers handy countertop access with a sleek, built-in appearance is the way to go. 

The Zen Art of Slow Cooking 

If you love the slow-cooked appeal of a whole roasted chicken or mouthwatering shawarma, you can make it happen at home by adding a rotisserie kit to your KoKoMo Grills 5 Burner Grill. The kit includes a spit rod, two forks to hold meat in place, and a motor that keeps the rotation going so you can focus on other cooking tasks. 

Why Choose KoKoMo Grills Products 

Like Stono Outdoor Living, KoKoMo Grills is committed to providing exceptional customer experiences with premium products that offer the function and aesthetic appeal consumers expect. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect grill or griddle, you need additional appliances for all your cooking needs, or you want versatile storage solutions and handy extras, KoKoMo Grills delivers. 

With resilient materials, smart design, and tons of features to elevate your outdoor cooking, these products are a great fit for your outdoor kitchen island and an elevated backyard BBQ setup. 

Tips for Designing Your KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen

  1. The Island: Start with a Stono Outdoor Kitchen Island, the sleek design and reliable construction will mean you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen for any occasion. 
  2. Plan Your Layout: Consider the flow of your outdoor kitchen. The grill, sink, and refrigerator should form a functional triangle to make cooking and cleaning more fun.
  3. Consider Storage: Incorporate enough storage for utensils, cookware, and other essentials to keep everything you need within easy reach.
  4. Think About Seating: Plan for enough seating to accommodate your guests comfortably. Bar stools, benches, and outdoor sofas can create a cozy environment.
  5. Weather Protection: Invest in covers for your appliances and consider adding a pergola or awning to protect your kitchen all year round.
  6. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for evening gatherings. Install ambient lighting to enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

KoKoMo Products Maintenance and Care Tips

To keep your KoKoMo products for as long as possible, follow our top tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your grill grates, griddles, and other cooking surfaces after each use. This will prevent buildup of grease and food. You can even use a grill brush and mild soap to scrub away residue.
  2. Protective Covers: Invest in high-quality covers for your grill, refrigerator, and other appliances to protect them from the elements when not in use. This helps prevent rust and damage from rain, sun, and debris.
  3. Check Gas Lines: Periodically inspect gas lines if using gas and connections for leaks or damage. This will keep you and your family safe.
  4. Seasonal Maintenance: At the start and end of each grilling season, give your appliances a thorough inspection and deep clean. Check for any wear and tear, and make repairs as needed.
  5. Store Accessories Properly: Keep accessories like rotisserie kits, griddle plates, and utensils in a dry, protected area when not in use. This prevents damage and prolongs their lifespan.

When you follow these tips, you can keep your products in the best shape possible and have a reliable working outdoor kitchen for many years. 

Design Your KoKoMo Outdoor Kitchen

Let the experts at Stono Outdoor Living help create your dream outdoor kitchen. Start building your kitchen with our 3D configurator; it's simple and easy to use. Or schedule a no-obligation design consultation to tailor a custom outdoor kitchen design that combines comfort, functionality, and style. We guarantee a perfect fit, free shipping, and easy assembly. Shop Islands or Schedule a Consultation today. 

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