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Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs of 2024

Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs of 2024

In design, there’s form — and there’s function. When it comes to creating a kitchen space, you need basics like cooking and food prep surfaces, a sink, a fridge, and storage. Outdoor kitchens also require materials designed to withstand the elements. 

Once you’ve accounted for these practical considerations, it’s time to have fun with the form, and this means relying on your personal sense of style and paying attention to the latest design trends.  

If you’re planning to install an outdoor kitchen and you’re wondering where to start, look at these inspirational trends for 2024 you’ll want to add to your mood board. 

Practical, Modular Designs 

Modular design allows for a level of customization that many homeowners appreciate. It empowers you to pick and choose the parts you want and configure them in ways that work for your space instead of purchasing larger units that might include things you don’t want or don’t have room for. 

Although a backyard typically offers a fair amount of space to work with, your kitchen needs to be near the house for practical reasons, and you may be confined to a small patio area. Modular outdoor kitchen design delivers incredible flexibility when it comes to setting up the space that works for your unique needs, complete with a modern outdoor kitchen island, appliances, and storage. 

If you’re not quite sure how to set up your outdoor kitchen, your best bet is to look for vendors who offer free design consultation services to help you get started. 

Premium Outdoor Kitchen Features 

The last thing you need when you’re grilling for a big group is a kitchen configuration that has you running back and forth or fussy drawers that won’t close right.  

You need a streamlined operation packed with features that make outdoor cooking easy and enjoyable. Completely customizable designs are a great start, with options to choose pieces that fit together and deliver the layout that works for you.  

With space for every appliance, from grills and griddles to side burners, fridges, countertop pizza ovens, smokers, and more, you can create a one-of-a-kind layout. Extras like soft-close full-extension drawers add function and create the luxury experience you crave. 

Multifunctional Outdoor Living Spaces 

Over the last few years, using outdoor spaces to virtually increase livable square footage has become hugely popular. This often includes multifunctional living areas integrated into the outdoor space. 

In other words, your kitchen should flow into dining, lounging, and entertaining zones, whether you have a dining table and bar top, a TV lounge area to watch movies and sporting events, a fire pit for cozy evening gatherings, or all of the above.  

Your outdoor living space should also feature durable materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and support year-round use so you can enjoy outdoor grilling in any season. 

Embracing Nature 

Sustainability in design is a growing concern for many homeowners. In addition to the thoughtful integration of sustainable practices — think products that are built to last from recyclable materials like aluminum — current trends involve construction meant to visually integrate with natural surroundings. 

This could be as simple as using natural wood and stone elements to create a serene environment that blends seamlessly with outdoor spaces and surrounding landscaping. It might mean adding solar-powered lighting or a water feature on a gray water system that adds soothing sounds without increasing water waste. 

One great option for outdoor kitchens that addresses both practical needs and aesthetic desires is a vertical herb wall. It not only adds greenery that mimics surrounding landscaping but also provides you with fresh ingredients to enhance every meal. 

Smart Capabilities 

When the weather is hot, and you just want to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones, there are ways to work smarter rather than harder. One trend in outdoor kitchens that fits the bill is smart design. 

This could mean installing a smart grill that features sensors connected to Wi-Fi so you can receive notifications, monitor the progress of cooking food from your phone or tablet, and make cooking adjustments remotely. If a smart grill isn’t for you, you can simply use a Bluetooth temperature monitoring device to alert you when your meat has reached the desired internal temperature. 

Automated lighting is another feature that adds practical appeal and enhances the enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen space. With the right smart design choices, you can create the kitchen of the future today. 

Timeless Trends for Your Unique Outdoor Kitchen 

When you choose timeless options that will serve you for many years to come, you can get the beautiful, functional outdoor living space you love and make the most of your investment.  

With modular designs, premium features, sustainable solutions, smart inclusions, and an eye toward integrating with surroundings and other entertaining zones, your outdoor kitchen will add untold value to your home. 

Let the experts at Stono Outdoor Living help create your dream outdoor kitchen. Start building your kitchen with our 3D configurator; it's simple and easy to use. Or schedule a no-obligation design consultation to tailor a custom outdoor kitchen design that combines comfort, functionality, and style. We guarantee a perfect fit, free shipping, and easy assembly. Shop islands or schedule a consultation today. 

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