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SPRING SALE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands
Popular Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

There’s nothing better than shaking off the gray days of winter and emerging into the spring sunshine, ready to enjoy the outdoors — except maybe sharing this joyous feeling with family and friends at your first backyard BBQ of the year. Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add value to your property while elevating your backyard entertaining. 

The challenge for many homeowners, though, is figuring out what to include and how to assemble this new use zone. What are the essentials, and how can you ensure that this home upgrade meets both your practical needs and personal preferences? Here are a few of the most popular ideas for outdoor kitchens to inspire your design journey. 

Combination Kitchen and Lounge 

The beauty of nature allows for a deeper level of relaxation. If you want to fully embrace this calm aesthetic while connecting with family and entertaining friends, one of the best ways is to install coordinating dining and lounge spaces to complement your outdoor kitchen.  

A patio featuring a cooking space, a dining table, and cozy lounge chairs can deliver all the potential of indoor spaces paired with the tranquility of the great outdoors. 

Built-In Appliances 

You can certainly cobble together an outdoor kitchen with a free-standing grill, a mini fridge, and any old table, but it will likely fail to deliver the seamless function you prefer when cooking. On the other hand, a kitchen island with built-in appliances can help you achieve a cohesive look and layout for efficient outdoor grilling. 

Whether you choose a pre-made product or customize the layout, a streamlined design that includes a grill, a fridge, storage, and counter space in one unit makes your life easy. From installation to countless hours spent grilling steaks and mixing cocktails for family and friends, an all-inclusive kitchen island offers function, convenience, and enduring performance. 

Added Appliances 

With more people creating backyard living spaces that add to the usable square footage of the home, kitchens with all the bells and whistles are gaining popularity. A setup that includes an outdoor grill and fridge will get the job done, but what if you want to boil lobster to go with your steak for a surf-and-turf dinner?  

You shouldn’t have to return to the seclusion of your indoor kitchen while everyone else socializes and enjoys balmy weather. Additions like burner plates, griddles, and smokers are all the rage, and with a custom kitchen island designed to accommodate your preferred appliances, you can have it all. 

You can even make personalized pizzas with a countertop woodfire pizza oven. With added appliances, your options are limitless. 

Creative Backsplashes 

Whether you position your kitchen island near an exterior wall of your home or it’s free-standing on your patio, one creative way to make it look custom is by adding some kind of backsplash to define the space. For example, you might install a colorful mosaic behind your food prep and cooking area. 

You could also add a trellis of wooden slats to create a handy and eye-catching herb wall. Whether you add function or merely beauty, a backsplash enhances your outdoor kitchen design and displays your sense of style. 

Seamless Transitions 

A backyard can be so much more than a simple yard and patio. You can have zones for cooking, entertaining, and lounging, with areas for grilling and dining, sitting and relaxing, and enjoying activities like swimming or sports. 

The trick is to ensure that these spaces are clearly delineated and transition seamlessly to invite movement. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with an open floor plan and elements that tie the spaces together, such as cohesive pavers and thoughtful planting zones throughout. 

Unique Lighting 

If you’re planning to cook after sundown, you’ll want suitable task lighting over food prep and cooking surfaces to ensure perfectly grilled meats and veggies. However, you can also add ambiance to your outdoor kitchen and dining areas through creative illumination. 

Consider rope or tape lights for underlit or backlit benches, tables, and counter surfaces. You might also add patio string lights overhead for a festive, yet intimate atmosphere. A range of lighting solutions will help to create a space that’s both safe and inviting. 

Timeless Design 

Outdoor kitchens can add incredible value to your property, but they’re not without expense. To gain the greatest value, you’ll want to make sure your design not only stands up to the elements, but also outlives trends. 

Sleek, simple designs that offer needed functionality are ideal, especially when you can choose from premium finishes to suit your style preferences. With powder-coated aluminum construction to withstand the elements and desirable features like soft-close and full-extension drawers, you can customize and install an enduring outdoor kitchen that meets the needs of your family for years to come. 

Build Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen Today 

Let the experts at Stono Outdoor Living help create your dream outdoor kitchen. Start building your kitchen with our 3D configurator; it's simple and easy to use. Or schedule a no-obligation design consultation to tailor a custom outdoor kitchen design that combines comfort, functionality, and style. We guarantee a perfect fit, free shipping, and easy assembly. Shop Islands or Schedule a Consultation today.

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