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SUMMER SIZZLE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands
What Are Modular Outdoor Kitchens?

What Are Modular Outdoor Kitchens?

If you’ve decided you want an outdoor kitchen, you might have already discovered that you have plenty of options for design and installation. Traditional outdoor kitchens are built from scratch — which means that unless you have a background in construction, you’ll need to hire someone with specialized knowledge to build one for you.  

Modular kitchens, however, are made of prefabricated parts that fit neatly together. These convenient outdoor kitchens are customizable as well. Here’s a closer look at modular outdoor kitchens and how to decide whether one is right for you. 

How Modular Outdoor Kitchens Work 

A modular kitchen is a lot like a puzzle. You choose the pre-built, pre-finished components you need. Then, you fit them together to create your outdoor kitchen. You can choose something as simple as a single kitchen island with a grill and a little counter space, or you can opt for an all-inclusive entertaining space replete with a refrigerator, bar, sink, vent hood, and pizza oven. 

Some modular kitchens arrive already assembled. However, if yours needs to be assembled upon arrival, assembly is often simpler than you think. You generally don’t need specialized knowledge or the help of a professional. Pieces fit easily together, and the process is quick. 

Advantages of Modular Outdoor Kitchens 

Considering a modular kitchen? These kitchens come with a range of benefits, from affordability to effective space management. Here are some of the most notable advantages: 


Quality modular kitchens are typically much less expensive than having an outdoor kitchen built from the ground up. Because they’re easy to customize, these kitchens can be made with a few budget-friendly features, a whole collection of state-of-the-art appliances and premium materials, or anything in between. 


Some people mistakenly think that choosing a modular kitchen means you have no creative control. While low-end manufacturers might only give you a handful of options, Stono Outdoor Living lets you choose your components, materials, and finishes.  

Our standard options make it possible for you to design a dream kitchen, but if you want even more customization options, our in-house designers can work with you to help you create something that’s entirely yours. 

Ease of Setup 

Your modular outdoor kitchen will ship to you mostly — and sometimes even entirely — set up. You don’t need to be a contractor or especially handy to get those pieces connected and ready to go.  

Different manufacturers may have slightly different ways of connecting their modules, but at Stono Outdoor Living, we use a simple tab system that lets you easily lock the pieces together. If you later decide to add a module or rearrange the modules you have, you can simply unlock the tabs and re-lock them once you’ve decided on your ideal configuration. 

Space Management 

Most people don’t have endless amounts of space to dedicate to their outdoor kitchen. Maybe you have a small backyard. Or maybe you have an unusually shaped patio. Either way, when you choose a modular kitchen, you can configure it to fit the space you have.  

This process can be confusing, but modular kitchen designers have ample experience designing kitchens to fit particular spaces. At Stono Outdoor Living, our designers are happy to help you create an outdoor kitchen that meets your needs while fitting into your space and budget. There’s no obligation when you set up a consultation, so there’s nothing to lose! 


Modular kitchens are portable in the sense that if you move, you can disassemble them and take them with you. On the other hand, most custom-built outdoor kitchens are permanent fixtures that you can’t remove. 

Misconceptions About Modular Outdoor Kitchens 

Modular outdoor kitchens can be a great way to create an outdoor entertainment space. Many people have misconceptions about these kitchens, though. Fortunately, when you choose Stono Outdoor Living, you don’t have to worry about the concerns you might encounter with other manufacturers. Some of the most common misconceptions include: 

Limited Ability to Customize 

High-end modular kitchens offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customization. However, in some cases — especially if you choose a lower-end manufacturer — you may have very few options when it comes to choosing finishes, appliances, and other features. 

With Stono Outdoor Living’s designers, the possibilities are endless. Even our standard options come with a myriad of customizations you can choose from. 

Quality Concerns 

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers build their modular kitchens to the same stringent standards. Budget models may use low-quality finishes that corrode easily or cheap materials that break down quickly. Always make sure you thoroughly investigate any brand you’re considering before you commit to a purchase. It’s usually a good sign if a kitchen is made in the United States.  

At Stono Outdoor Living, we craft each kitchen with pride in the American South. 

Get Started on Your Modular Kitchen With Stono Outdoor Living

Let the experts at Stono Outdoor Living help create your dream outdoor kitchen. Start building your kitchen with our 3D configurator; it's simple and easy to use. Or schedule a no-obligation design consultation to tailor a custom outdoor kitchen design that combines comfort, functionality, and style. We guarantee a perfect fit, free shipping, and easy assembly. Shop Islands or Schedule a Consultation today. 

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