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SUMMER SIZZLE! $500 OFF Outdoor Kitchen Islands
What Are Prefab Outdoor Kitchens?

What Are Prefab Outdoor Kitchens?

Prefab — short for “prefabricated” —  outdoor kitchens are kitchens that are made offsite, shipped to your home, and installed. They are generally less costly than outdoor kitchens that are built onsite. However, there is some overlap: an elaborate, high-end prefab kitchen will often be more costly than a very basic one built from scratch. 

Is a prefab outdoor kitchen the right choice for you? Here’s a comparison between prefab and custom-built outdoor kitchen spaces to help you decide which option is best for your home. 

Prefab vs. Custom Outdoor Kitchens 

An outdoor kitchen — whether it’s prefab or custom — is a major investment. Take a closer look at how custom and prefab options differ. 


In most cases, you can put together a prefab kitchen yourself. However, unless you’re a contractor or otherwise have experience installing kitchens, building one yourself isn’t a good idea. If you make a mistake, it may cost more money in the long run. And if you install electrical wiring without experience, you also run the risk of electrocuting yourself or someone else. 

If you need to install drains or don’t have water or electrical connections close to where you want to place your kitchen, you might need to hire a professional to make sure everything is set up correctly. 


If you have a kitchen built onsite for your space, you’ll have more customization options than you would with a prefab kitchen. However, keep in mind that some prefab kitchen manufacturers offer more opportunities to customize than others.  

Some may offer a limited number of premade modules, with no option to upgrade materials, components, or finishes. Others offer a range of modules but allow you to select the exact appliances and other features you need. 

At Stono Outdoor Living, we strive to create kitchens that stay as true to your vision as possible. You can customize almost every aspect of each module. If you want a prefab outdoor kitchen that’s customized even further, we also offer design consultations. With these consultations, you can discuss your idea with an in-house designer, and the designer will be able to help you create a kitchen that meets your needs. 


It’s not generally a good idea to rush into purchasing an outdoor kitchen. However, if there’s an event you’re planning for — or even if you just can’t wait to get started with your new kitchen — you can generally get a prefab kitchen faster than a custom one. 

This is usually true even if your prefab kitchen is made to order. If you’re having a custom kitchen built onsite, your contractor will need to purchase the necessary materials, bring them to your home, and assemble them there.  

But a prefab kitchen manufacturer will typically have all the necessary components on hand. They just need to assemble them and ship the modules to you. 


On average, a custom-built outdoor kitchen is going to cost more than a prefab one. Even if both are made of premium materials, a custom kitchen will come with higher labor costs. However, there are businesses that cater to many price points, so a top-quality prefab kitchen may cost more than a bargain custom kitchen. 

Keep in mind that depending on the kitchen you’re creating, there may be extra costs not included in the price of a custom or prefab kitchen. For instance, if you want to add a covered dining area with ambient lighting, that will drive up the cost, regardless of what type of kitchen you get. 


The longevity of an outdoor kitchen has more to do with the materials and finishes used than whether it’s prefab or custom-built. Look for durable materials and weatherproof finishes to make sure your kitchen will last for years to come! 


Outdoor kitchens aren’t meant to be routinely moved. However, if you relocate, you can usually disassemble prefab kitchens and re-assemble them when you arrive at your new home. On the other hand, most custom-built outdoor kitchens can’t be removed, though they are likely to increase the value of your home if you decide to sell. 

Choosing a Prefab Outdoor Kitchen 

A prefab outdoor kitchen can be an elegant and cost-effective choice. But unfortunately, not all prefab kitchen manufacturers are committed to quality. These are some questions to ask before choosing a manufacturer: 

  • How long has the company been in business? 
  • Does it have a good reputation? 
  • What materials are used? Are they built to last? 
  • What grills and other appliances can I choose from? 
  • What add-ons can I choose from? 
  • Can I ask questions or access customer support after purchase? 
  • Is there a warranty? 
  • Is there a design consultant who can help me decide which option is best for my space? 

At Stono Outdoor Living, we’re on a mission to elevate the prefab outdoor kitchen. Our offerings are weather-proof and highly customizable. You can order immediately if you know what you’re looking for, or work with one of our designers to create a specialized option for your space. 

Stono Outdoor: Your Source for Beautiful, Functional Prefab Kitchens 

Let the experts at Stono Outdoor Living help create your dream outdoor kitchen. Start building your kitchen with our 3D configurator; it's simple and easy to use. Or schedule a no-obligation design consultation to tailor a custom outdoor kitchen design that combines comfort, functionality, and style. We guarantee a perfect fit, free shipping, and easy assembly. Shop Islands or Schedule a Consultation today. 

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